5 Secret Betting Options You Should Know About

Many sports bettors only know and understand basic gambling strategies. They are fully aware of the bust or boom potential of the parlay, the rewards, and risks of wagering the Moneyline and avoid chasing after their previous losses with a bigger bet.

Although some of these strategies to betting usually work out with time, there are some additional moves that gamblers can employ to boost their chances of winning. Read on to learn more about the less known moves regarding online gambling and what you must do to ensure you win more.


Tease It

One of the things you will realize is the fact that the teaser bet is closely related to the parlay, with the only difference being the choice in choosing the payouts and lines. In the same way, you will be required to bet on different games to implement the teaser.

While this sounds like it would work for any player, you should also know that there is always a catch. As you try to give yourself a better chance of winning, the payout significantly decreases. In the same way as the parlay, you should correctly choose the games to win.

Professional gamblers have different opinions on the teaser bets success rate, or whether the cushion you have gotten is much better as opposed to the high payout.

Use the Proposition Bet

You should think of placing real money bets on casino games as a real-time marathon. You just have to place the bet and wait a few hours to see whether you can win some cash. Prop wagers are the solution for players looking for an approach that is less patient.

Prop bets are usually made online game events and while they are usually considered as important proponents by many gamblers, they payout the same way as the bets that were placed before the game started. Numerous proposition bets are offered on different sportsbooks online and the offerings might vary from one sportsbook to another.

Some good instances of the proposition bets may be the exact points that have so far been scored by LeBron in the second quarter of the game or the exact touchdowns to be scored over the first quarter of the game. Some of the most popular sports events such as the Super Bowl offers the overall length of our national anthem or tossing of the coins and the announcers will gladly state this over the broadcast.


Sports Betting Handicapped

If you are an avid sports bettor, then it is highly likely that you have heard about handicaps in games such as golf. Nonetheless, this concept is also very important when betting on sports. When it comes to sports, in sports, this type of bet is usually referred to as “spread” where huge point differentials may be expected.

Handicap bets have lately become a great asset to punters after it was applied to different types of sports including soccer or baseball, where the most popular types of stake are the Moneyline that out rightly wins.

A great example of the handicap when being used is known as a “run line” when betting on baseball. When it comes to baseball, the handicap is usually defined at 1.5, but can be reduced or increased in what is referred to as the “optional handicap.”

The great wins are that the handicap is easy to manipulate with a chance to increase your winning odds, which will largely result in lower payouts or gamblers can risk lowering the winning odds, and also gives them a chance with the huge payout. Every sport has its unique rules relating to handicapping, therefore you must make sure that you undertake your research before you start to risk your money.

Predicting The Future

A future bet is a fascinating aspect of sports betting for gamblers that feel like they should, try out their luck at predicting the results of a season or series. Technically, the future bets provide huge payouts for the low bets, but technically they are much harder to predict.

Many future bets are usually made before the season starts. Nonetheless, many online sportsbooks will willingly accept the types of bets, with less good payouts throughout the season. Examples of the future bets you are looking for include picking the winner of this AFC East before the commencement of the season, choosing the winner of the NBA playoffs after the conclusion of the regular season.


Another common future bet is picking the winner of the tennis or golf tournament before the sports event commences. You should not confuse the future bets with other games that you also want to bet on. You should be careful not to confuse the future bets by just betting on the sports events in the future. For instance, place real money bets on a 10-week match between the Steelers and Rams alone does not offer you the best odds, as the match itself is fully guaranteed.

As you must probably know by now, future bets are not easy to win, but one thing you will appreciate is the fact that the amount of money you can win when placing future bets is quite huge.


Just like switching from one casino game to another, there are some incredible strategies that you can apply when betting on sports to improve your winning odds. The different approaches are just the options to remember when you start feeling like the old approaches that you have used previously are getting null and void or if you are just trying to look for new ways through which you can place real money bets.

The next time you find happen to find yourself losing every time you place a real money bet, you should not keep increasing your bets with hopes that you will recover some of the money that you had lost previously. If this is the case, then you should try to apply the strategies we have highlighted here.

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